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The Santa Clarita mosquito control technicians at No Bugs Termite and Pest Control, Inc are here to protect your family from mosquitoes during the warm months. Our expert team utilizes top-notch (and cost-effective) mosquito baiting techniques and products that help reduce the mosquito population on your property to help keep bites to a minimum. We can help you to determine what steps to take, where to watch for standing water, and how best to eliminate mosquitos when possible.

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Prevent Mosquito Breeding in Your Yard

The most effective self-defense in avoiding an influx of mosquitoes in your yard is eliminating standing water. 

Places to check for standing water include:

Mosquitoes can breed in as little as a capful of water, and their lifecycle can be as short as one week. This means even the smallest amount of standing water can be problematic during mosquito season (Spring, Summer, Fall). They can also lay eggs and breed indoors, so regularly checking your home for forgotten glasses of water, open water bottles, or potted plants with standing water can help as well.

Mosquito Facts

Combating Mosquitos in Santa Clarita

It can be a challenge to treat flying insects like mosquitos without the assistance of an experienced technician. While there are many repellants available on the market, they often work to limited effect and rarely provide sufficient ongoing protection, which can be detrimental during California’s mosquito season.

At No Bugs, our licensed team has the practical knowledge, on-site experience, and resources to evaluate your property, determine possible areas of concern, and implement an effective treatment method using the latest and greatest in pest control technology.

The In2Care Mosquito Trap

To combat mosquitos in Santa Clarita, our technicians can install In2CareMosquito Traps in targeted locations on a customer’s property. This is a multi-impact tool that uses environmentally friendly ingredients to kill mosquitos in the surrounding area by posing as an attractive breeding site. 

The trap is designed to contaminate adult female mosquitos with a non-toxic, slow-killing biological fungus and larvicide that can spread to nearby breeding sites. The special larvicide in the trap also takes care of any deposited larvae the moment they pupate, which naturally reduces the mosquito population in the area.

Mosquito Control in the Santa Clarita Valley

With mosquito control services from No Bugs Termite and Pest Control, you can take the power back from these pesky seasonal insects. The comfort and relaxation that you feel at home should be second to none. Why let mosquitos keep you from relaxing in your backyard? Eliminating standing water and utilizing mosquito control products with the help of our team can protect your family and pets.

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