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Snake prevention for your home, business, or rental property is the inspection and integration of preventative measures to keep snakes out of your yard, garage, home, or commercial property. Whether you are worried about the safety of pets or children or want to garden, barbecue and relax in your yard, preventing snakes from entering your space is important. We are not strangers to snakes in Santa Clarita, as the growth of our communities pushes them into residential areas and our recreational areas.

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How Can No Bugs Help?

Santa Clarita residents know that our Southern California weather provides the perfect setting to be outside all year long. We love hosting barbeques, playdates, and parties where no one sets a foot inside. Unfortunately, there is always a risk of uninvited guests: snakes!

Some homeowners take snake proofing into their own hands, but the results are often unsightly and ineffective. You don’t want your guests to see fencing that sags, falls down, or invites snakes to join the party! Hiring professionals, like our team at No Bugs, can ensure that your snake proofing is done correctly and with the least disruption to the beautiful landscaping in your yard. Let us install snake fencing that works, in a manner that protects the views and beauty of your home’s backyard.

Snake control preventative measures include:

Call the pest control professionals at No Bugs and take the guesswork out of keeping your home and property safe. We know what to look for, how to defend a property, and what to do to prevent snakes from disrupting the safety and comfort of your home.

Common Snakes Found in Santa Clarita

Santa Clarita’s climate and landscape provide ideal conditions for certain snake species to live and reproduce. Our mild weather changes and warm days are perfect for snakes to thrive, but this means that they coexist with us in backyards, around new construction, and on our hiking trails. What snakes live in and around Santa Clarita?

Nonvenomous snakes common to Santa Clarita include:

California King Snake

California King Snake

Poisonous snakes common to Santa Clarita include:

Southern Pacific Rattlesnake

Southern Pacific Rattlesnake

Why Call Professionals for Snake Prevention?

Unless you are comfortable getting up close to snakes and know how to handle them for removal, it is best to call a professional. You may not be able to see or hear the rattles of a rattlesnake, you may not know where their rattle is coming from, a racer may have made its way into your living room, or you may not be home when your teen comes across a snake on the back patio. You may run into an undetected snake while outdoors for a barbeque or a rattlesnake might be underfoot without being detected. This is why snake prevention is best.

Preventing the snakes from making your yard their new home or hunting ground will keep you and your family safe. Snakes like to hide in the same places that your child may play, in the corners of playhouses, curled up under a plastic car, or in the trunk of sports equipment you store in the yard. Keep the snakes away using snake prevention measures from No Bugs. Don’t wait until it is too late, and you are the host to a rattlesnake. Let us help keep your yard safe.

Our Santa Clarita snake control technicians can evaluate your property, identify areas of concern, and install preventative fencing that is both effective and discreet. Schedule a free consultation to explore your options today!

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Common Snakes Found in the SCV
Common Snakes Found in SCV

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