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Better Service

Being local means No Bugs can offer you:

  • Quicker service if a problem arises. You won’t experience a wait of 3 to 4 days like you would with a company that’s not local. 
  • Better rates. Our standard service includes things most other companies don’t include simply because those companies can’t afford it – due to their size, greater overhead and /or travel expenses.
  • Better overall service. Our employees live in Santa Clarita and are your neighbors. They see you at the movies, at the mall, and eating at various restaurants, and around town. It’s not just the reputation of the company is the reputation of the employees and their families.

Why have so many current customers referred No Bugs to their friends and families? Why have more than 3000 of your neighbors chosen No Bugs?

#1 - Safer

"Less Synthetic Pesticides - Love the mintX smell, nice to know it's more natural."

#2 - Affordable

"The price is right - includes things other companies charge extra for."

#3 - Better Service

"You guys are local and offer same-day service - your customer service is great."

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