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The team of local Canyon Country pest control technicians at No Bugs Termite and Pest Control is here to help you combat the household pests on your property. Canyon Country is a growing area here in SCV, and our technicians know that with construction comes bugs. We understand the needs of our neighbors when it comes to pest control, and we can work with you to make sure your home is protected.

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No Bugs Services Protect Against a Variety of Pests

How we treat pests depends on how their bodies react to the products that we use. There are often categories of bugs that all respond in similar ways, and luckily, many house pests in Santa Clarita fall into the same category. Our services and maintenance treatments can work to protect your home from several unwanted pests.  

Pests covered in our regular monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly service include:

What Makes No Bugs the #1 Pest Control Company in Acton?


"Less Synthetic Pesticides - Love the Mint X smell, nice to know it's more natural."


"The price is right - includes things other companies charge extra for."

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"You guys are local and offer same-day service - your customer service is great."

Family-Friendly Pest Control in Canyon Country

No Bugs Termite and Pest Control is proud to offer family and pet-friendly pest control products and services. We have pets and children, too! We understand the importance of using products as safe and natural as possible, so we use a specially formulated treatment product based on essential oils for our general pest control services. Not only do we use safer products, but we also set your treatment schedule to fit your needs, offering monthly, bimonthly, and quarterly services. This way, your home gets the right amount of protection without using excessive products.

Why choose No Bugs for termite and pest control?

  • Efficient and reliable pest control services
  • Our proprietary Mint X treatments
  • Safer and less-synthetic products
  • Personalized, all-inclusive treatment plans
  • Pet and family-friendly treatments 
  • Reputable, trusted technicians
  • Unlimited and same-day service

No Bugs Pest Control has you covered for pest control services and products designed with families, kids, and animals in mind. Call today!

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Let the local, friendly Canyon Country pest control technicians at No Bugs help you fight off the pests that bother your sanctuary. Your home should be free of all unwanted guests, bug included! From regular maintenance treatments to emergency services, our team is here to answer the call. We can also help with gophers, rats, mice, and other fuzzy intruders, including bats! As decades-long Santa Clarita residents, we are familiar with the wide variety of species living alongside us. We put this knowledge to good use keeping our neighbors’ homes pest-free.

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