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Save Money & Protect Your Property with No Bugs

Welcome to No Bugs, your trusted local pest control partner in Santa Clarita. As a family-owned business, we take pride in offering affordable and all-inclusive services that prioritize your health, safety, and peace of mind. Our commitment to your satisfaction extends beyond mere extermination – we operate with a business model that is specifically designed to accommodate residents who want smarter, faster, and more organic pest solutions without paying exorbitant prices.

Starting as low as $36 per month, you can enjoy full-coverage pest control that incorporates:

…and so much more! As you can tell, we’re in the business of safe pest management, not nickel-and-diming our customers, so that $36 is a lifetime price guarantee. The price you pay today is the exact same price you’ll be paying 10 years from now. 

Bee removal, rodent baiting and trapping, ant treatments – unlike our competitors, who may charge hundreds of dollars for these services, we include these treatments and more as part of your all-inclusive service plan. 

Want more great news? You can earn up to 12 months of free pest control by participating in the No Bugs Referral Program!

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The Benefits of Affordable Year-Round Service Plans

Benefit from Cost-Effective Rates Without Compromising on Quality

Being a local company comes with many cost advantages that big-name franchises can’t match. We break from industry standards by operating with a straightforward business model with all-inclusive service plans that include consultations, inspections, same-day treatments, and more for a flat monthly fee that comes with a lifetime price guarantee.

That’s right: The price you pay at sign-up is the same one you’ll be paying for the duration of your time as a customer, regardless of inflation, pandemics, gas hikes, and other scenarios.

Our streamlined operations, close proximity, and commitment to efficiency means that you can enjoy great service without the pitfalls common to franchise pest control companies. We don’t need to douse your property with harsh synthetic pesticides to avoid follow-up treatments. Our company operates like a membership, so when you notice pest activity on your property, you can contact our staff for immediate same-day service.

We also utilize a payment system that is predictable, so you will never be hit with surprise charges or unexpected billing changes. While some specialty services may require additional charges, like termite and bed bug treatments, you can rest assured that there will be no surprises. You will always know what you are paying for each service date.

Building Trust Through Transparent Pricing & Exceptional Service

At No Bugs, our one-stop-shop approach ensures that your pest control needs are met comprehensively. Our affordable year-round service plans cover everything – from thorough inspections to same-day treatments, supplemental services, and more – all for a flat monthly fee. What’s more, we provide a lifetime price guarantee, assuring you that your costs will remain stable, even in the face of economic uncertainties.

Our unlimited service guarantee reflects our dedication to your satisfaction. We don’t just stop after one treatment; we persist until your pest infestation is entirely eradicated. And if, by any chance, bugs persist after our initial visit, our return visit policy allows you to call us back. No waiting for days, no additional overhead costs – just prompt, reliable service from our local technicians.

How can No Bugs help you save money on pest control? 

Investing in ongoing pest control with No Bugs is not just about eliminating pests – it’s a strategic move to save money in the long run. By choosing our affordable service plans, you’re preventing costly and home-destroying infestations that might require expensive treatments. Our quick turnaround times, same-day emergency treatments, and unlimited visits mean that we’re always just a phone call away, ready to protect your property and your wallet.

  • Compare Service Fees & Options

  • Average Service Fees

  • MintX+Smells Good Kills Bugs - Safer, Better, FasterMintX+
  • Standardized PricingIt's fare for everyone!Standardized Pricing
  • Unlimited TreatmentsWe offer Same Day ServiceUnlimited Treatments
  • All Inclusive PricingWe don't nickel & dime our customersAll Inclusive Pricing
  • Additional Pests Included At No ChargeWe are the only ones ever to offer this to our customers Additional Pests Included At No Charge
  • EZ Pay/Pay As You GoEasy monthly paymentsEZ Pay/Pay As You Go
  • Assigned Treatment DaysYou can set your clocks to us...Assigned Treatment Days
  • Hands Off Sign UpsCompletely digital, it's easy as 1, 2, 3...Hands Off Sign Ups
  • Same-Day ServiceNo more waiting "till tomorrow"Same-Day Service
  • Full-Service Termite Dept.Protect your biggest investmentFull-Service Termite Dept.
  • Bed Bug Service"Sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite"Bed Bug Service
  • Snake ControlThis one needs no explanation...Snake Control
  • Full Service Rodent Dpt.They're cute but still dirty!Full Service Rodent Dpt.
  • Big Brand Companies

  • $62

    per month

  • MintX+
  • Standardized Pricing
  • Unlimited Treatments
  • All Inclusive Pricing
  • Additional Pests Included At No Charge
  • EZ Pay/Pay As You Go
  • Assigned Treatment Days
  • Hands Off Sign UpsSome
  • Same-Day Service
  • Full-Service Termite Dept.YES
  • Bed Bug ServiceSome
  • Snake Control
  • Full Service Rodent Dpt.
  • Other Local Companies

  • $58

    per month

  • MintX+
  • Standardized Pricing
  • Unlimited Treatments
  • All Inclusive Pricing
  • Additional Pests Included At No Charge
  • EZ Pay/Pay As You GoSome
  • Assigned Treatment Days
  • Hands Off Sign UpsSome
  • Same-Day Service
  • Full-Service Termite Dept.Some
  • Bed Bug ServiceSome
  • Snake Control
  • Full Service Rodent Dpt.Some
  • No Bugs

  • $36

    per month

  • MintX+Exclusive to No Bugs
  • Standardized PricingExclusive to No Bugs
  • Unlimited TreatmentsExclusive to No Bugs
  • All Inclusive PricingExclusive to No Bugs
  • Additional Pests Included At No ChargeExclusive to No Bugs
  • EZ Pay/Pay As You GoYES
  • Assigned Treatment DaysYES
  • Hands Off Sign UpsYES
  • Same-Day ServiceYES
  • Full-Service Termite Dept.YES
  • Bed Bug ServiceYES
  • Snake ControlYES
  • Full Service Rodent Dpt.YES

The Innovation Behind our Affordable Pest Control Services

Cutting-Edge Solutions for Lasting Results

How is No Bugs able to offer year-round affordable pest control to Santa Clarita residents? We believe in using the latest and greatest in pest control technology, some of which we invent in-house. 

From the treatment of your property to electronic back-office technologies, you can trust that No Bugs is ahead of the competition. By using low impact pesticides comprised of natural essential oils and specially designed backpack sprayers (rather than a truck-mounted sprayer), we achieve a synergistic effect that provides outstanding coverage for a broad variety of insects common to Santa Clarita. We specifically designed this treatment system to use the least amount of chemicals with the health and safety of your family and pets in mind. 

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No Bugs leverages innovative pest control solutions to ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements means you benefit from the latest technologies, saving you time and money. We prioritize preventive measures, cutting-edge treatments, and personalized consultation to address your unique needs.

Our standard services cover the following pests and more:
Unlike the competition, we offer the following services and more at no additional cost:

Our general pest control agreements are not limited to bugs. We also offer rodent control, ranging from rodent bait boxes to trapping to exclusion. We understand that pest control is more than keeping the spiders away, and we want our customers to call on us for all of their pest prevention. We do our best to use our experience and training to keep your home safe, comfortable, and pest-free all year long.

warranty stamp

All Services Come With An Unconditional Warranty

If the bugs come back, so will we  — free of charge. Unlike our competition, this is an unlimited service, and because we’re local, we can return the exact same day you have a problem!

lifetime price guarantee stamp

Understanding Service Costs

We offer affordable pest control starting as low as $36 per month. However, that quarterly service price is currently limited to customers in the Santa Clarita Valley with properties that measure up to 5,000 square feet. Homes outside of Santa Clarita may incur a higher monthly price, regardless of footage. Contact our office to learn about your options. 

Referral Program - Share the Savings!

Refer Your Friends & Get a Year of Free Pest Control or $336 Cash

Our commitment to saving you money goes beyond our standard services. Introducing The No Bugs Referral Program – share the savings with friends and family. Refer someone to No Bugs, and when they sign up for our affordable pest control service, you can get $60 credit or $48 cash. Plus, the referee will also get $30 credit for their second month of service. Refer 4 new customers and get a year of free pest control or $336 in cash!

It’s our way of saying thank you for being a valued part of the No Bugs family.

Rely on Your Trusted Local Partner in pest control

Save Money & Protect Your Property with No Bugs

At No Bugs, we don’t just see you as a customer – you’re our neighbor. Our goal is to build a lasting professional relationship based on trust, transparency, and exceptional service. We never “nickel & dime” our valued clients. If a treatment option requires additional charges, we communicate this transparently before service, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the reasons behind any added costs.

Ready to experience affordable, all-inclusive, and unlimited pest control in Santa Clarita? Contact No Bugs today and let us safeguard your property while keeping your budget intact. 

Our Santa Clarita pest control experts are committed to providing you with a pest-free environment so you can enjoy a life with “No Bugs.” Contact us today at (866) 716-8996 to schedule a consultation to discuss your pest concerns and learn more about our services.

Have You Heard About the No Bugs Referral Program?

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