Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services

General Pest Control

Why do families make the switch to No Bugs from their current pest control company?   Because you REALLY CAN have 100% effective pest control without all the harsh chemicals!
  • Avoiding overuse of chemical pesticides in and around  your home,  is a great step to ensuring the health and safety of your family, and pets!
  • We consult with each client to determine the ideal  treatment for their particular situation.
  • Mint X+ (our proprietary treatment system), can eliminate the sources of infestations and keep them from coming back with less synthetic pesticides.
  • No Bugs offers more natural treatment solutions for our customers.

Why are we Santa Clarita’s Fastest Growing Pest Control Company?

pest control services

How are No Bugs Services Effective and Safer?

No Bugs strives to use the most responsible, and natural means possible of ensuring your home remains bug free. Using organic products and essential oils while using the least amount of synthetic-based products, to provide effective and efficient control.

Using less synthetic chemicals and more essential oils… we offer:
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Membership Plans

We keep it simple (no hidden costs or extra fees) and budget-friendly, and we have simple monthly payment plans for all of our customers.

Because We’re Local Our Standard Service Includes Additional Pests!

No Additional Fees For:



fleas and ticks




rodent baiting
Rodent Baiting

rat trapping
Rat Trapping

mouse trapping
Mouse Trapping

black widows
Black Widows

yard treatment
Yard Treatment

Flexible Billing Options

We accept cash, check, and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover). We offer paperless billing (another way you can feel good about helping the environment).

All Services Come With An Unconditional Warranty

If the bugs come back so will we free of charge. Unlike our competition this is an unlimited service and because we’re local we can return the exact same day you have a problem, should there be one!

Platinum Membership

This is scheduled every 90 days and is designed for those who want to save the most amount of money and don’t mind the inconvenience of picking up the phone and calling for additional services during the summer months should the need arise. This is the most economical service yet continues to provide a bug free using both natural organic products and the least amount possible of synthetic products.


Gold Membership

Is scheduled every 60 days and is designed for those who have a higher threshold for bugs, yet still desire a family and pet friendly solution and may require occasional extra “no-charge” service. This service uses both natural organic products and the least amount possible of synthetic products and is considered a premium service. This service is more affordable than the monthly service.


Silver Membership

Is scheduled every month and is designed for those who absolutely don’t want to see any bugs at any time and certainly don’t want to call for additional service. This service uses more natural organic products then synthetic and is considered our premium service.

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check markEssential Oils, Rosemary, Mint
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