Pest Control Services

Why are we Santa Clarita’s Fastest Growing Pest Control Company?

Why do families make the switch to No Bugs from their current pest control company?

Because you REALLY CAN have 100% effective pest control without all the harsh chemicals!

  • Avoiding overuse of chemical pesticides in and around  your home,  is a great step to ensuring the health and safety of your family, and pets!
  • We consult with each client to determine the ideal  treatment for their particular situation.Mint X+ (our proprietary treatment system), can eliminate the sources of infestations and keep them from coming back with less synthetic pesticides.
  • No Bugs offers more natural treatment solutions for our customers.

How are No Bugs Services Effective and Safer?

No Bugs strives to use the most responsible, and natural means possible of ensuring your home remains bug free. Using organic products and essential oils while using the least amount of synthetic-based products, to provide effective and efficient control.