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No Bugs Termite and Pest Control offers better and safer products, faster application, and reliable services for your Brentwood home or business. The No Bugs Mint X products are safer for your family and pets and are known for their pleasant scent. The minty scent helps keep your pest control service under wraps, offering an additional layer to discretion for your home services.

Whether you are looking for maintenance services to keep spiders, ants, and other general pests at bay or need a one-time service, No Bugs Termite and Pest Control can help. We are here for your pest control, rodent control, termite extermination, and other neighborhood pest services. Protect your family and your pets from unwanted guests with service from our Brentwood pest control technicians.

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Quality Pest Control in Brentwood

Southern California weather practically begs us to take our activities outdoors. From backyard barbeques and swimming in a family pool to outdoor workouts and breakfast on the porch, there is much to do when temperatures are warm, and the sun is shining. Unfortunately, bugs are out and about during the same months. No Bugs Termite and Pest Control can help make your outdoor activities more enjoyable by reducing the pests that interrupt your time outside. Our services can cover the basics while also pinpointing summertime pests such as mosquitos, so your family, friends, and pets are protected.

Trust the No Bugs Termite and Pest Control technicians with your Brentwood home. Our team offers:

  • Innovative and all-inclusive pest control 
  • Safer and less-synthetic products
  • Pet and family friendly treatments 
  • Unlimited and same-day treatments
  • Efficient and discrete services
  • Reliable pest control
  • Reputable, experienced technicians
  •  Personalized treatment plans for your property 

What Makes No Bugs the #1 Pest Control Company in Acton?


"Less Synthetic Pesticides - Love the Mint X smell, nice to know it's more natural."


"The price is right - includes things other companies charge extra for."

Better Service

"You guys are local and offer same-day service - your customer service is great."

Take Control of Your Brentwood Property with No Bugs Pest Control

Whether your property is overrun with spiders, ants, or a swarm of migrating bees, the professionals at No Bugs can help you take control of your property and get the pests under control. Our pest control services cover a wide range of general pest issues and control the less common bugs that can occasionally arise. When occasional invaders appear, or when you have a problem with a more sinister pest such as bedbugs, you can call on our team to handle the invasion.

Pests covered in our regular monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly service include:

Pests covered in our regular monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly service include:

Pest Control Services in Brentwood You Can Count On

When you need pest control services that you can count on, provided by professional and friendly technicians, our team is here to help. At No Bugs Pest Control, we take pride in offering services that accommodate your desire to keep your property safe while keeping household maintenance discrete. Our Brentwood pest control team can help you with regular maintenance services or one-time services for those unexpected intruders that make their way into your home.

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