No Bugs was Founded by Tyler Anderson

I spent years in the termite and pest control business, but was uncomfortable treating my family’s home with the usual pesticides.

After studying and testing organic products and natural oils, I developed MintX+, No Bugs’ signature treatment plan. It involves a combination of essential oils such as rosemary and mint along with other EPA-registered manmade products sprayed from specifically designed backpacks.

— Tyler Anderson

Born Out of Necessity, Created Out of Fear

It was a Saturday morning and we were on our way out of town for a family trip. My two-year-old daughter was all strapped in her carrier/car seat next to the front door in the living room. I realized I had left my wallet in my bedroom and went to go get it. When I returned I noticed a black dot on the armrest of our couch (which was bright canary yellow). I didn’t think anything of it as I picked up her baby blanket thinking it was a piece of fuzz I flicked it off the couch. It went through the air landed on my daughter’s car seat. I immediately realized it wasn’t fuzz as it quickly crawled away into the corner of her seat. I immediately knew it was a spider and a black one…
our story

As quickly as I could, I removed her from the seat and began searching every crack and crevice for the spider. In my searches I had squished it. It had found a hiding spot near the part of the seatbelt that was between her legs. I was relieved that I found it but also concerned because I realized it was a black widow.

I have been in the termite and pest control businesses for many years — however due my concerns with pesticides I did not even spray my own home.

When my daughter was born she had certain sensitivities. Simply putting a little bit of cottage cheese on her bare skin would result in welts like a burn. We couldn’t feed her certain foods she had many allergic reactions to unknown things. From mosquito bites she would develop spots the size of quarters and silver dollars on her little arms and legs – her body obviously reacted different to insect bites. With this being the case I certainly didn’t want any pesticides around my home.

I had a dilemma – black widows inside my home crawling on my family what do I do? I knew I needed a pest control service. I also knew I faced sensitivity issues within my family.

In Search of an Organic Solution

I began reading up on organic products like natural oils. I had asked other industry professionals who had many years of experience, various chemical manufacturers, and pest control supply company advisors if there were any alternatives. Surprisingly everyone kept telling me he same thing over and over again “The natural stuff and organic products don’t work!”

But why don’t they work? Nobody ever could give me a reasonable answer?

So with the permission of the few pest-control customers that we had as well as my house I began testing various products such as mint, rosemary, and other essential oils – even orange oil, ladybugs, and praying mantis – you name it, I tried it!

Pest Control In Santa Clarita

Living in Santa Clarita I had two things going against me: It’s a desert area and we all want to have tropical gardens in our front and backyards. This means we have excessive heat temperatures and lots of water. These two things combine to create a great environment for insects to thrive and flourish – but it also degrades all pesticides.

Eventually I discovered why other companies didn’t offer the service. It required repeat visits depending on the weather. It simply didn’t fit in the profit model of existing pest control companies. In order for this to work they would have to operate in a drastically different way from the current model.

A New Kind of Pest Control Company

So I began to build a new pest control company, a different kind of pest-control company, one that was built around a service model of unlimited visits to re-treat the home. In order for this to work I had to treat homes extremely close to each other and build a very dense route, and know exactly how much to spray when to spray it and where to spray it.

It meant I had to have the right pricing structure, the right type of customer, the right location, and most importantly the right kinds of employee. Taking employees from other companies would never work, everyone had to be “home grown” it was a whole new ideology in the pest control business.

Over the last few years we’ve been able to modify our treatment plans. Accommodating those who can’t afford monthly service by offering a bi-monthly or even a quarterly service. To get the desired result we’ve had to add low impact man-made synthetic products, use of specifically designed backpack sprayers. In doing this we noticed a great synergistic effect that with low impact synthetic products and natural organic essential oils. It seems as though we get excellent coverage, it last longer and is extremely effective on broad spectrum of insects… It’s the best of both worlds! The pest-control yesterday and the pest-control of tomorrow meeting together!

We however have not changed our service policy – we spray the least amount at the lowest levels to protect your home your family and your pets from the overuse of pesticides! In the event the bugs come back we will return to anyone of our customers’ homes the same day they have a problem. We can do this because we’re local and we care!
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