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Gopher Control & Removal in the Santa Clarita Valley

Gophers are a fairly common problem for homeowners in the Santa Clarita Valley. These active rodents can easily cause quite a bit of damage to your landscape if left uncontrolled. Gopher treatments for your front or back yard are best applied at the first sign of a gopher infestation. It is much easier to get a hold of a gopher problem at the sight of one mound rather than waiting for a bunch to crop up. Our Santa Clarita gopher control team at No Bugs Termite and Pest Control can help you take the power back and get control of your yard.

Fight off the gopher population with help from the Santa Clarita gopher specialists at No Bugs Termite and Pest Control, Inc.
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Detecting Gophers in Santa Clarita

Gophers tunnel most in spring and fall when the moisture content is high, but they are active all year long. Their tunnels can range from 18 inches below the soil surface to 6 feet below where they make their nests. They gravitate to grass, shrubs, roots, seeds, vegetables, plant bulbs, and small trees for food.

Knowing what to watch for is a key factor in controlling the gopher population on your property. There are specific telltale signs of gopher infestation in your yard, including:

  • If you notice half-moon or fan-shaped mounds of dirt on hillsides, amidst landscaping, or in your grass, you may have a gopher problem.
  • If you have gardening services at your home, you may not find mounds of dirt but instead may see patches of dry dirt in your yard.
  • Gophers may also cause a decline in plant health or plant population decline.

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Protect the Safety & Aesthetics of Your Yard

If you suspect that you have a gopher problem, contact our office to speak with a treatment professional today. Our experienced technicians can evaluate your property, place an effective baiting system at the problem site, and examine preventative measures to protect the safety and aesthetics of your yard.

The Advantages of Professional Experience

At No Bugs, our technicians utilize an effective baiting system that can be inserted into the tunnel without damaging its structural integrity. Because the tunnel doesn’t collapse, the baiting system can directly reach the gophers within an isolated residential area. This treatment option handles the problem at the point of origin and is incredibly efficient, particularly in areas where there is no access to external land outside of your yard.

Protect your yard with help from the Santa Clarita gopher specialists at No Bugs Termite and Pest Control, Inc.
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