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5 Most Common Southern California Pests

What Bugs and Rodents Are Invading Your Property?

SoCal residents and newcomers to our sunny counties can expect to have some insects, spiders, and furry friends share their space. But what kind of pests should you look out for? Gardens, garages, soil, and dark corners make for the perfect pest hiding places. Look out around your home and property for the common pests listed below. 

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  1. Spiders: Although the vast amount of spiders are harmless and help us to keep other bug populations down, there are a few specials in Southern California that are poisonous: black and brown widows, desert recluse and Chilean recluse. 
  2. Ants: Ants are one of the most common pests in many of our SoCal homes. They often are found in areas of sand or with an easily navigated soil. They are invasive and incessant, colonizing quickly. 
  3. Rodents: The pests can cause extensive damage to walls, furniture, wires and cables, and more. Rodents have multiple litters every year, so they can grow their family quickly within the walls of your home. 
  4. Crickets: We find crickets most often by hearing them within our home, garage, or yard. Their consistent, loud mating call alerts us of their presence. They hide out in the shadows of furniture and behind objects, and can be quite evasive when the lights come back on.
  5. Cockroaches and Waterbugs: These pests can live for a week without water and a month without food. They thrive and multiply in the dark, so if you see them out and about within your home, there may already be a colony hiding somewhere in the dark. 

Protect your home from these pests with pest control services and by diligent inspections, tidy living, and disposal of waste. Keep your cupboards clean, the garage floor tidy and your external foundation solid. Prevention of entry via common entry points will protect your family from pesky, unwanted intruders. 

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