Gopher Snake

6 Common Snakes Found in the Santa Clarita Valley

How to Recognize Southern California Snakes

Sometimes snakes and other wildlife make their way into our yards or even our homes, especially in areas of Santa Clarita where there is construction. Although many of the snakes we find in our town are harmless, there are a few that pose some danger.

At No Bugs Termite and Pest Control, Inc, we like to help make our neighbors in SCV feel safe. We are happy to help protect your family from all kinds of pests, including snakes. Learn how to identify common Southern California snakes in our blog and contact us to learn about how we can help you protect your family with snake control measures.

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What Snakes Are in Santa Clarita?

Every snake has its own specific markings, distinct colors, and traits that make it unique. Listed below are several of the snakes you may see in your yard or out on the trails in Santa Clarita. For specific safety tips, check out How to Stay Safe During Snake Season in Santa Clarita

1. Gopher Snake

Danger Level: Not Harmful to Humans

Gopher snakes are longer and often bigger than many of the common snakes you could find in the SCV. Their coloring is often similar to our local rattlesnakes, with patterns in greys, browns, whites, and tans.

2. Coachwhip (Racer), Red Race, or Western Racer

Danger Level: Not Harmful to Humans

Red racers, or Coachwhips, are typically red, brown, tan, or black but with a reddish hue. Western racers are gray, greenish, or brown, sometimes with dark blotches. These are both common in Santa Clarita and are fairly brave and active during the day. These have a long thin tail that slowly thickens as it extends into the body. Races are fast-moving, as their name suggests, using tail whip movements if they feel threatened.

3. Garter Snake

Danger Level: Not Harmful to Humans

These are highly common and when spotted are often mistaken for their larger cousins, the gopher snake. Their head is slightly wider than their body. Most garter snakes have 2 or 3 stripes, although some of their stripes are less visible.

4. California Kingsnake

Danger Level: Not Harmful to Humans

Kingsnakes are a fairly calm snake, active both day and night. These are usually brown or black with yellow or white bands or stripes. Kingsnakes are often found on hiking trails around Santa Clarita.

5. Southern Pacific Rattlesnake

Danger Level: Potentially Dangerous to Humans, Venomous

The venom of a Southern Pacific rattlesnake is highly toxic to humans and they could strike if they feel cornered or threatened. Their distinguishing features include a chunky body and keeled (ridged) scales. They typically measure 2.5 – 3 ft in length. 

6. Western Diamondback Rattlesnake

Danger Level: Potentially Dangerous to Humans, Venomous

Diamondbacks are large and aggressive, with an average full-grown size of 4 feet, but some grow up to 6 feet long. They are typically grayish brown, with a distinct diamond pattern on their backs and a prominent diamond shape at the tail. Their tails are typically colored with black and grey bands.

Protect Your Home From Snakes

Whether you need snake fencing to help keep snakes out of your backyard or need attention because you have a snake in your home, our team is here to help. Preventing snakes from disrupting the comfort and relaxation of your home’s yard with snake fencing is a great way to find peace of mind here in the SCV.

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