5 Ways to Protect Your Pets from Fleas and Ticks

5 Ways to Protect Your Pets from Fleas & Ticks

Get Rid of Fleas & Ticks in Your Santa Clarita Yard

Although fleas and ticks are most active in spring and summer, now is not the time to relax with your pet protection from these pests. Pest control for your yard is your first line of defense against the pests that do major damage to your furry friend’s health. Fleas and ticks can transmit parasites and diseases that are harmful to the animals we love most. Luckily, you can protect your pets and family by being aware of where these pests live, how to keep them from nesting and mating in your home, and what to watch for.

Don’t wait until it’s warmer to prevent flea and tick infestation. If you have concerns about possible flea and tick activity at your home, contact our team. We can work with you to determine points of potential concern and help you create a defense system for your home. No Bugs pest control is your go-to Santa Clarita pest control company that cares about your family, pets, and home-like it is our own.

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5 Tips for Flea & Tick Prevention

1. Maintain Pest Control

 Keep your front and back yards maintained with pest control services. Fleas and ticks are most prevalent when temperatures are 65-80 degrees. Because much of Southern California’s weather falls between these temps, this means that pest control needs to continue year-round.

2. Keep Your Yard Clean

Mow your lawn regularly to keep it short, as ticks hide and live in tall grass. Rake leaves, pick up organic debris and trim brush up to create space between the dirt and the bottom of your shrubs. This will eliminate places where fleas like to live. Fleas prefer warm, moist and shaded places so a well-maintained yard helps to deter them from setting up home.

3. Clean House

Fleas and ticks can survive inside if they make it into your home. Fleas will live inside, lay eggs, and multiply if left untouched. To help keep your home safe from infestation, be sure to wash your pet’s bedding often. Vacuum, wash, or steam clean curtains, cloth furniture, rugs, and carpets and be sure to clean underneath furniture, as well. Dispose of vacuum bags, as the eggs may still hatch inside the bag. 

4. Deter Wildlife

Protect your home from the pests that wildlife can carry into your yard. Raccoons, opossums, coyotes, gophers, rodents, and skunks can bring in fleas. To deter them from frequenting your yard, pick up your pet’s food and water when you are in for the night, trim trees away from your home’s perimeter to prevent entry into your attic, and keep your yard free of hiding spaces for these animals.

For more tips, read 10 Tips to Keep Wild Animals Off Your Property.

5. Treat Your Pets

Use a monthly or yearly flea and tick treatment that is best for your pet. Follow the instructions for proper use so that the treatment is efficient and be sure to pay attention to the frequency of use. Shampoos, ointments, sprays, oils, or collars can do the trick. (Check with your veterinarian for what they think is best for your pet.) Do not use expired treatments, as their efficacy cannot be guaranteed. Remember to set reminders for yourself to reapply, renew, or replace flea and tick treatments as they are about to expire.

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Your home should be a sanctuary, for your family and your pets. No Bugs can help make sure that you have the protection you need to prevent pests like fleas and ticks. We understand the habits and nature of the bugs and wildlife in our area that can wreak havoc on your property. When you need reliable, year-round pest control that you can trust, we are here for you.

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