Winter Pest Control Preventing Indoor Pest Issues

Winter Pest Control: Preventing Indoor Pest Issues

Now Is the Time for Pest Proofing Your Home

The winter months are not the time to decrease pest prevention for your home. Although you are sending less time outside, and possibly seeing fewer pests, there is still pest activity around your home. Ants and bees may be less active, but rodents, cockroaches, spiders, and carpenter ants seeking shelter from the wind, rain and cold. Continuing regular pest control through the cooler months will help prevent pests around you home from getting out of control when spring arrives.

Contact our team of Santa Clarita pest control experts at No Bugs to discuss your pest control needs and concerns. We are here to help keep the bugs outside and prevent infestation no matter the weather.

6 Preventative Measure for Winter Months

Pest proof your home and keep the bugs outside where they belong using preventative measures. When the weather is driving bugs and rodents inside, you can protect your home by creating physical barriers around your structure.

Keep your home pest free with the tips below:

  1. Seal cracks, holes, around pipes and vents to prevent pests from getting into your home and living in your walls. Check and seal the entry points of utilities and any other potential point of entry.
  2. If you have a wood fireplace or stove, be sure to store wood away from the home. Wood piles are ideal places for rodents, spiders, and other pests to nest and hide from the elements. As you carry wood into your home, you may be carrying in pests as well.
  3. Declutter your garage, attic, closets, and any other clutter in or around your home. Store boxes and other items off of the floor to limit the chance of infestation.
  4. Regularly clean your floors and inside cupboards to decrease crumbs and other access to food. When cleaning out your cupboards, check for rodent or bug activity and consider storing food in airtight, rodent-proof containers for the second level of protection.
  5. If your home has an attic or crawl space storage, do a winter cleaning sweep to remove spider webs and egg sacks, reduce clutter to deter rodents, and check for potential raccoon or squirrel activity.
  6. Store trash cans in a locked shed or utilize animal proof trash cans to prevent rodent, raccoon, and insect activity.

Get Ready for Spring with Winter Pest Control

Professional pest control services can do much more than preventing infestation in the summer. Our teams are trained to inspect for rodent and pest activity all year long and can keep your property under control no matter the weather. We can help you detect pests in and around your property so that you are not bombarded once the weather changes.

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