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How to Protect Clothing From Insect Damage

Learn How to Keep Your Clothes Safe with Our Santa Clarita Pest Control Experts

Pest control is typically considered an outdoor issue, but your clothing may tell a different story. Flying and crawling insects may be feasting on your winter coats and household linens. Luckily, you can protect your clothing from insects with easy and simple solutions that have withstood the test of time. With simple, natural items and cleaning tips, you can safeguard your clothing and linens against unsightly holes and insect damage.

Home remedies for wardrobe pests are great for preventative maintenance, but you can also call on our team if the situation seems too hard to handle. When you need pest control services, whether inside or out, contact the Santa Clarita pest control experts at No Bugs. If you have questions about other pest hot spots inside your house, check out our blogs Pest Control and Spring Cleaning in Santa Clarita: Defend the Hot Spots in Your Home and How to Protect Household Plants from Insects

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6 Ways to Keep Your Closet Pest-Free

Use the tips and tricks listed below to prevent insect damage to your clothes and linens and keep your closets clean and clear. 

  1. Cedar: Cedar is a natural pest repellant inside your home. This wood can ward off pests by building a closet that includes cedar shelving or fixtures or placing cedar planks amidst your clothes and blankets. It should be stored in the closet separate from clothing as there is a chance of cedar’s natural oils staining or damaging clothes when in prolonged direct contact.

  2. Lavender: Place lavender sachets, essential oils, and fresh lavender in your closet to help repel insects, including beetles, fleas, flies, mosquitos, and moths. Lavender, like cedar, is a natural repellant and a great way to keep bugs away while making your clothes smell fresh and floral.

  3. Declutter: Cluttered closets provide ample places for bugs and spiders to hide, while clutter can be a breeding ground for dust, mold, or mildew, ideal living conditions for bugs. Clutter gives the bugs food, a place to hide and breed, and a way for them to eat through our clothes without us noticing they are there.

  4. Purge: Check and purge old clothes that you do not often wear, especially those made of wool, cotton, silk, or leather. These fabric types are perfect hiding places and food for tiny pests. The clothing you plan to keep should be washed or tumbled every few months to keep them bug-free and remove dust and odors.

  5. Stains: Remove stained clothing or linens from your wardrobe. Beetles, silverfish, and roaches feed on stains, beverage spills, perspiration, starch, and leftover food that remains on clothing. Even if you have washed your clothes, if you have a pest issue, take precautions by pulling out any stained clothes until the bugs are eliminated.

  6. Vacuum: Clean flooring that is free of dust, debris, and unseen pests will aid in protecting your clothing. Regularly vacuuming your closet, wardrobe, and shelving or drawers removes bugs that you cannot see and their food sources. Remember to discard the bags used after cleaning to remove any existing pests from your home.
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