Preventing Rodent Activity in Your Garage

Preventing Rodent Activity in Your Garage

6 Tips to Get Rid of Rats & Mice in Your Garage

You may be noticing more rodent activity in your garage than normal now that the weather is cooler and outdoor conditions are chilly, windy, and harsh. Gotta love that Santa Clarita climate! Mice and rats often seek food, warmth, and water from inside sources, and residential garages are the perfect place to seek shelter from the cold. These animals do not hibernate, so they will be active throughout the year. If you are seeing more droppings or newly chewed cords or boxes, now is the time to act. Not sure what’s in your garage? Check out Mice vs Rats: How to Tell the Difference and 5 Most Common SoCal Pests

The Santa Clarita rodent control experts at No Bugs can help you to detect, prevent, and eradicate rodents from your garage and around your home. Do not wait until these mice or rats set up a colony in your garage. Contact our team to discuss the best way to combat mice and rats this winter.

5 Common Signs of a Rodent Infestation

Whether you are seeing obvious signs out in the open spaces of your garage, or you want to get a head start by inspecting every nook and cranny, spotting rodent activity early is crucial in preventing a full-blown infestation.

Look for the following signs of rodent activity in your garage:

  • Visible mice or rats
  • Droppings
  • Urine stains or an odor of urine
  • Holes or chew marks in boxes, dog food bags, cardboard, or other material in your garage
  • Chew marks around points of entry
  • Rats and mice cause damage in homes.

    How to Prevent & Control Rodents

    There are several ways to prevent and combat a rodent infestation. The best method is to use all of the tools available in an all-encompassing attack. Work with your local pest control professional to learn about what is best for your family, home, and problem, and use the tips below to gain control of your garage.

    • Declutter. This is one of the most important parts of rodent infestation prevention. Rats and mice will nest and be active when they have hiding places. Declutter your garage to eliminate those hiding places. Store items in thick plastic containers or glass when available. Keep storage up off of the ground whenever possible, 12-18 inches is best, and eliminate any unnecessary clutter. Donate old items to charity, recycle whenever possible, and trash what is left.


    • Repair. Patch holes, points of entry along the perimeter, and spaces where pipes or exhaust tubes (dryer, etc.) are fed to the outside. Mice can fit through even the tiniest of holes, so close off anything bigger than the size of a dime. Use wire-mesh patching when you need to close something off but do not want to prevent airflow.


    • Eliminate. Eliminate food sources and potential water sources by storing edible/drinkable things in glass or heavy storage bins. This includes emergency supplies, dog food, birdseed, and any other edible items.


    • Trap. Utilize bait traps and conventional traps for mice and rats to get rid of existing rodents that have already made their way into your garage. Place a variety of traps at points of entry, on shelves, in rafters, and in areas where you see activity. Check the traps frequently and remove dead rodents to prevent the development of foul odors. Refill bait traps as needed to ensure that rodents have bait to take.


    • Repel. Utilize mouse repellent around the outside perimeter of your garage to help deter rodents from seeking shelter in your garage. There are chemical options as well as organic, home remedies.


    • Seek. If you are having a rodent issue that seems out of control, or you want to be sure that your home is safe from infestation, seek professional help. Pest control experts can help you to uncover potential issues that you may not find alone. Trust the team at No Bugs to utilize our knowledge and experience to help you fight rats and mice this winter and all year long.

    And that’s our list of tips for preventing and controlling rodents in your garage. If you would like more prevention information, check out our posts on winter pest control, spring cleaning three rodent hot spots, and how to rodent proof your kitchen pantry.

    Common entry points for rodents. Chart created by the City of Berkley, CA
    Common entry points for rodents. Chart created by the City of Berkley, CA

    Call No Bugs in Santa Clarita for Effective Rodent Control

    Pest control is often more complicated than setting out a trap or watching for rodent droppings. If you’re concerned about the state of your property, contact the Santa Clarita rodent control experts at No Bugs Termite and Pest Control, Inc. Our award-winning technicians have been protecting the residents of this valley from rats, mice, gophers, and other critters for 20+ years.

    Call the Santa Clarita rodent control specialists at No Bugs today! We can inspect your property to develop a comprehensive prevention plan that offers year-round protection from rodents.