Fall Fitness: Take Your Workouts Outside

Get outside during Autumn months and enjoy some much needed fresh air. The cooler temperatures allow for more outdoor activities which means you can change up your fitness routine and incorporate different locations, instead of treadmills and gym wals. Making changes in your routine, in or out of the gym, is a great way to utilize different muscle groups and get a better, bigger jump in caloric burn. It is important to change up your routine once in a while so that you do not plateau in growth. 

Outdoor Workouts During Cooler Weather

Try these workouts while the weather is mellow:

  • Consider taking a hike instead of doing cardio inside. Hiking utilizes different muscles than your average treadmill miles use, and allow you to take in nature in all its fall glory. 
  • Do a sunset yoga session, enjoying the calming colors and cool fall air. 
  • Trail running is a great option during fall months when trees change color and the sky fills with billowy clouds. 
  • Raking and gardening can be a great workout, and as the leaves fall, there is an abundance of raking to do!
  • Ride your bike, or rent some, to enjoy the wind in your face and take in the views in your area.

Change Your Perspective By Stepping Out!

When the weather changes, and as you gear up for the holiday season, it is an opportunity to rediscover the beauty of nature. Your own garden and landscape will experience changes as will the natural areas in your town. Get outside and explore, take photos, be present in the moment because nothing is forever. Be safe if you are heading outdoors by remembering that days are shorter, the night comes quickly, and you will need to plan ahead. Wear layers, bring a flashlight or headlamp, and be sore to consider possible rain. The right equipment and preparation will make the activity that much more enjoyable. 

Enjoy workouts outside without as much worry about bug bites. Discuss your pest control needs with the Santa Clarita pest control professionals at No Bugs. Contact us today to make sure that you can enjoy your yard all season long.

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