10 Ways to Change Your Living Space During Quarantine

10 Ways to Change Your Living Space During Quarantine

Are you going stir crazy at home looking at the same four walls and same furniture all quarantine long? It’s time to make a change. Refresh your energy and update your space with simple, inexpensive changes that can make a big difference. When we eliminate clutter, change our visual space, and introduce new things into our home, it lightens our spirits and creates improved energy.

10 Ways to Reinvent Your Living Space

Use the tips below to get started with easy changes that brighten any living space:

  1. Paint your front door for a pop of color, a new view every time you come home, and improved curb appeal. If you already love the color of your door, apply a fresh coat of paint for a clean, polished look.
  2. Spruce up your storage spaces. Line shelves and drawers with fresh, stylish liners or paint the interior walls of cupboards and drawers with a contrast color to the room.
  3. Update your outdoor spaces by cleaning or refinishing outdoor furniture, cleaning the outside of pots, refiling dirt in pots as needed, and pruning dead plants to get ready for new growth.
  4. Organize the kitchen and eliminate what you no longer need. Throw away old sauce packets, dispose of mismatched plastic storage, and donate unneeded mugs, plates, pots, and pans.
  5. Revamp your bedding with new sheets, new pillows, new blankets, and a new mattress cover. Fresh bedding entices us to get better sleep and to make our beds in the morning.
  6. Add under cupboard lighting, running lights in hallways, or ambiance lighting. This can change the look of your kitchen, living space, or hallways at a minimal cost.
  7. Pain or refinish old furniture for a whole new look. If you are home for quarantine or are wondering how to pass the time, add new hardware to existing furniture, strip finishes and repaint or resurface furniture that you have been looking at for years. You can even add pops of color to update and refresh your pieces.
  8. Rearrange your furniture at home to change the flow of energy in your space and provide a new perspective. Consider implementing the concepts of Feng Shui or find inspiration from your favorite design eras.
  9. Clean out under your bed. While you move furniture, clean under each piece to help declutter, eliminate dust and allergens, and refresh your space. If something has been under your bed for years, it may be time to throw or give it away.
  10. Clean the cabinets in your bathroom and under your sinks to remove expired products and cleaning supplies. This frees up space to organize. Try internal shelves, stacking bins, or other organizational tools to store the items in bathroom and kitchen cabinets.

Seeing More Bugs While Staying Home?

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