Be Prepared: Healthy Eating is Easy!

Healthy Living is Easier if You Plan Ahead

Modern times quite often call for missed meals, eating on the go, and snacking just to stay energized. Unfortunately, many prepared snacks are high in refined carbs, sugars, and unhealthy additives or preservatives. Eliminating processed foods or unhealthy snacks is a big part of changing the way that you eat. Planning ahead will help you to minimize the amount of unhealthy snacking that you do. If you carry healthy snack options, when you get hungry, you will not need to reach for something that throws off your meal plan. Sometimes, these snacks may seem bland or uninspired. Have no fear, we have some ideas that will help spark new healthy choices!

Healthy Snack Options for On the Go

If your healthy snacks are lackluster or you just need some new ideas, try one of the snack ideas listed below. It’s easy to make healthy choices when you have filling, clean-eating snacks at your fingertips. 

  1.  Almonds are a great protein rich snack options full of Vitamin E, Riboflavin, and minerals. They are high in calories, so be sure to only eat one service worth.
  2. Jerky is a high-protein snack option that is great for staving of hunger and making sure you get enough protein. Be sure to either make your own or purchase an option that is low in added sugar and salt.
  3. Celery and nut butter satisfies the sweet and crunchy craving that often hits mid afternoon. Peanut butter is the traditional choice, but almond butter, cashew butter or other butters may be a better choice depending on your nutritional needs. 
  4. Homemade granola is a fun snack because you get to choose the items you include, from seeds and nuts to berries to dark chocolate or cacao nibs. Base your combination on the size of serving, the nutrients you need, and your other food choices throughout the day. 
  5. Avocado with tuna or chicken salad not only tastes great but will provide protein and healthy fat to help you stay full for quite a while.
  6. Apples and peanut butter can curb a sweet craving while providing health carbs and protein. 
  7. Popcorn is a light and airy snack that can pack a punch of vitamin B, magnesium, zinc and manganese. It also contains a good amount of fiber. Add cheese for fat and protein, if desired.
  8. Turkey and veggie roll ups are a great low carb option, kind of like a sandwich without the bread. Add mustard, cheese, or other additional items to make a meal of it. 
  9. Vegetables and hummus make a great non-dairy, vegan friendly snack that is filling and delicious.
  10. Olives are a fun and yummy snack that can help with cravings for salt without overloading the calories. 

Stay on Track with Variety and Food You Enjoy

If you fall off of diets because you get tired of eating the same thing every day, or if you have unsatisfied cravings, you need to spice things up! Mix up your snack options, and add spices for flavor. Make sure you keep healthy snacks on hand that you actually enjoy, so you don’t forgo the healthy option and grab something you will regret. Take a chance on one of our ideas, or create your own to keep handy at work, in the car, or anywhere else hunger strikes. Success is right around the corner for those who are prepared to meet it!