Garage Cleaning for Pest Control

Pest Control and Spring Cleaning: Protect Your Home’s Pest Hot Spots

Clean Your Home to Get Ready for the Bug Rush

There are a few key spots that you need to focus on during your spring cleaning to help protect your home against bugs and seasonal pests. The heavy rains we are currently experiencing throughout Santa Clarita and surrounding SoCal areas means one thing when it comes to pest control: the bugs are coming. Hit the pest hot spots before the sun comes out and protect our home from the germs and bacteria that they may carry in. 

Contact No Bugs to discuss inspection of your home’s perimeter for access points or areas of concern.  

3 Pest Hot Spots in Your Home

  1. Garage: Pests such as spiders, rodents, and cockroaches gravitate towards garages because they are perfect places to find dark corners, clutter, shelter, and food (smaller bugs, crumbs, etc.) Clean your garage by removing clutter, changing cardboard boxes to plastic storage bins with heavy lids, and sweep or dust areas of dirt and trash. Check the areas of potential home entry and seal them with calking or drywall, as needed. 
  2. Kitchen: Kitchen pests often include ants, beetles, and cockroaches. A kitchen is a perfect place for bugs and rodents who are scavenging for food or water. Be sure to immediately clean up spills, spoiled fruit or anything sugary and sticky, as well as crumbs or dropped food. Beetles, ants, and moths also love baking and dry ingredients, so make sure to go through your pantry and cupboards to get rid of expired or stale items. Wipe ou your shelves and cabinets each time you take inventory to prevent spills from attracting pests. During your big “spring clean” move appliances or use vacuum attachments to clean under and behind appliances and between the wall or cabinets and appliances. Finally, wash floors with soap and water or the appropriate floor cleaning supplies. 
  3. Bathroom: Rooms that are meant to contain moisture attract waterbugs, cockroaches, and silverfish. This includes your restroom, shower room, mudroom, and laundry room. Eliminate the sources of moisture and standing water by washing and thoroughly drying bath mats, towels, rugs, curtains, shower curtains or any other water-holding material. Make sure to clean up any dripping water, clean out cabinets and check regularly for leaks. If you can, open windows after showers or washing to help air out enclosed spaces. 

Protect Your Home from Unwanted Visitors!

Whether you are worried about mice and rats or roaches and flies, you can protect yourself by keeping your home tidy and moisture-free. During potential downtime and quarantine, take a few hours to get ready for when the rain stops. Your home is your sanctuary and your escape, so keep is germ and pest-free by following our guidelines above. If you have questions or concerns about pests, contact our team for help!

For all of your Santa Clarita Valley pest control needs, contact No Bugs organic pest control. We are here to keep your home as pest-free as possible and prevent unwanted visitors while using fewer chemicals and more care.

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