Buying Used Furniture? Check for Hidden Pests

Buying Used Furniture? Check for Hidden Pests

Tips to Recognize & Treat Bed Bugs, Fleas, & Termites

A good thrift store discovery, an antique desk or armoire, or a garage sale item you can’t live without: these are all wonderful purchases that may be housing hidden pests. Although purchasing used furniture can be fun or can save money, there are things that you will want to look out for so that you don’t bring unwanted pests into your home. Anything upholstered can be carrying bedbugs or ticks, while wood pieces can harbor termites.

Recognizing signs of damage or finding evidence of pests can help protect you from purchasing or bringing home furniture that is carrying termites, bedbugs, or other pests. Use the tips and information provided by our team at No Bugs Termite and Pest Control, Inc to examine your used furniture before you bring it into your home.

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What Kinds of Bugs Live in Furniture?

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Where Do Pests Hide in Furniture?

Any piece of furniture that has cloth or stuffing has the potential to be a pest hiding place. From soft, upholstered couches to lampshades or curtained cupboard doors. Loose material draped over furniture, or used as a couch or armchair cover, can hide pests from sight. Bed bugs can hide in old rugs, pictures with paper backing, and stuffed animals. 

Inspecting furniture before you buy, or before you put it in your vehicle and bring it into your home, can save you from headaches and frustration later.

To thoroughly inspect your used furniture or household items:

  1. Inspect furniture wearing white gloves to be able to see any signs of pest blood, carcasses, or feces that rub off on your hands
  2. Inspect furniture or material by running your finger, a credit card or flat plastic spatula, through folds, creases, and seams
  3. Place a white sheet of paper under the places you are inspecting to make falling pest evidence visible
  4. Use a flashlight to inspect hidden areas or under furniture
  5. Check for termites in wood pieces by looking for caved in points, holes or dents
  6. Push on wood to check for structural damage from internal termite holes or tunnels

If the furniture you are purchasing or bringing home shows signs of pest infestation, there are ways to combat it without losing hope. If you choose to move forward with your purchase, do not bring the furniture or piece into your home. Keep it outside, under a patio, or in the garage until you have cleaned and treated the piece.

Vacuum to remove bugs from couch

How to Treat Used Furniture for Bugs

Cleaning and treating your used furniture, lamps, or antique items for adult pests, larvae, or eggs will help to keep those pests from infesting your home. Do not bring items that you think are potentially housing pests into your home or vehicle, which will risk transferring pests to your existing pieces or vehicle upholstery.

  • Vacuum fabric along seams, folds, and everywhere accessible.

  • Place all cushion covers, cushions, or pillows that can fit into your clothes dryer on high heat for at least 30 minutes.

  • To treat wood pieces, place on newspaper or butcher paper and use bug spray or bug bombs to treat the furniture. When using a bug bomb, close off windows, doors and ventilation so that the bomb can be contained to that room and furniture.

Keep Your Home Safe with Pest Control

Bedbugs, fleas, and termites can put a real damper on your comfort at home. Inspecting and treating used furniture, antiques, and yard sale purchases will help keep your family and your pets safe from unwelcome pests. If you find that your home is already showing signs of possible infestation, contact our office to schedule a visit with our team. At No Bugs Termite and Pest Control, it is our job to protect you, your family, and your pets from bugs and other pests.

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