8 Money-Saving Tips to Implement at Home

8 Money-Saving Tips to Implement at Home

Easy Ways to Save at Home in Santa Clarita

There are many ways to see big savings at home, whether you are considering a big project or are looking for small changes to implement every day. As a homeowner or renter, you are no stranger to the costs of living on your own can add up. Why not learn how to make your house work with you to save or how you can cut costs in easy ways?

One way to save is to shop for affordable, effective pest control! No Bugs Termite and Pest Control offers unbeatable prices and value for our Santa Clarita neighbors. Learn about some of the ways you can save money at home using the tips compiled by our team. We live and work in Santa Clarita, so we understand the demands that the local climate puts on your home, as well as how important it is to save where you can.

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8 Tips to Save Big and Small at Home

Try one or all of these tips to see savings on energy bills, a little change in your pocket, or big saving on purchases:

  1. Avoid impulse purchases. When buying for your home or garden, compare shop, do your research, and sleep on decisions before making any purchases. Give yourself time to take a step back and decide if this is something you need, want, or can purchase at a better (less expensive) time.
  2. Learn your landscape. Research where you live, learn how to lower the costs of lawn care and how to reduce the water your lawn consumes, what to plant to save money, and which plants can help deter pests.
  3. Shop at the right time. There are off-seasons for household items, so put off shopping for big-ticket items until their off-season. Purchase outdoor furniture and barbeques in fall or early winter, furniture at the start of the new year, and holiday décor after the holiday passes.
  4. Save your spare change. Spare change adds up over time and you never know when you might need a few extra dollars. Store coin jars in your home for easy placement of coins from pockets, or when you clean out your purse. Once a month, remove couch cushions, clean under furniture, and clear out around your washer/dryer to pick up any lost coins.
  5. Save energy by increasing appliance efficiency. Clean out your dryer hose to ensure that the air flows freely and replace filters in your HVAC system to increase airflow and reduce cooling costs at the height of summer. Removing clogs and buildup that prevents airflow for all air-based appliances will help to improve their function, saving energy throughout the year.
  6. Energy savings built into your home. If you are shopping for new roofing, consider the long-term impact of your roofing choices. Choose light-colored shingles or tiles when replacing your roof to reduce the cost of cooling our home in our hotter months. Check for solar installation deals during roof repairs or roof replacements so that your roofer and solar installer can work together and get both done at once.
  7. Plan for the winter months. Purchase firewood in spring to save on the cost of cords, as prices will increase with demand. This also allows time for the wood to dry out, so it will be in perfect condition by winter.
  8. Save the environment while saving money. Install an under-sink water filter and refill glass bottles or reusable water bottles rather than using single-use plastic bottles. When you stop buying bottled water, you are helping the planet by lowering your impact.

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