Bird Mite and Bird Control Near Me

Bird Mites: What You Need to Know

Bird Control as Prevention of Bird Mite Infestation

Although birds are beautiful and gentle most of the time, there are still plenty of reasons why we would not what them making their home in the structure of our house. One of these reasons is bird mites: pesky little bugs that can multiply by the thousands and can cause harm to our pets and other birds. Bird mites are not typically dangerous to human, but they can pose a serious threat to pet birds or other birds that you keep, such as chickens or homing pigeons.

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Key Questions and Answers About Bird Mites

What do these little bugs look like?

Bird mites are tiny, oval-shaped, have eight legs, are semitransparent, and hairy in appearance. They are so tiny- around 1 millimeter long.

Why does your home have a bird mite problem?

If you notice bird mites in your home, it is most likely because your home has become a bird-heaven. If your property is appealing to birds looking for a new home, then they bring with them their tiny, biting friends. Accessible water, roosting or nesting spots, plenty of food sources and access to plenty of insects make your home a perfect place for birds to set up their home.

What kinds of birds are hosts to bird mites?

  • Sparrows
  • Pigeons
  • Starlings

Where do bird mites live?

Bird mites will most often make their home with those they are feeding on, in the nests that the birds create. These can usually be found in chimneys, eaves, negative space in roof tiles, window ledges, and patio covers. Bird mite populations can grow extremely quickly, with eggs hatching in as early as 3 days after laid and adults maturing in 5 days.

Do bird mites pose a threat to humans?

Bird mites do not necessarily pose a threat to humans, but they will bite and cause itchy, tingly irritation. Unfortunately, they can cause major problems for pet birds or poultry and outdoor chickens or other birds kept for eggs. Luckily, bird mites cannot survive or reproduce on human blood sources, so they can be eradicated by eliminating their hosting sources.

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Keep your kids, pets and neighborhood feathered friends safe from bird mites using preventative options from the bird control specialists at No Bugs. We utilize human bird prevention techniques to make your home less appealing for nesting and feeding, so that you don’t have to worry about a bird mite infestation.

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