The Dangers of Bird and Bat Poop: More than Just a Mess

The Dangers of Bird and Bat Poop: More than Just a Mess

Protect Your Santa Clarita Home from Nesting Birds & Bats

Bird and bat droppings are not only messy, smelly, and inconvenient to deal with, but they also carry quite a lot of potential disease bacteria. Droppings from several different species can pose a threat to your respiratory system, digestive system, and even your urogenital system. 

Birds and bats can spread infectious diseases, and their droppings are something that you should employ professionals to handle. The team of Santa Clarita bird and bat control specialists at No Bugs Termite and Pest Control, Inc. can help protect your family from the dangers that come from birds (and bats) nesting and taking shelter in your home.

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What Diseases Can You Get From Bird or Bat Poop?

It may seem obvious that bird droppings are not an ideal addition to a porch, patio, or handrail. But what might not be as obvious is all of the disease that can transfer through droppings onto foods, water sources, or the hands of your family.

1. Salmonellosis

This is often considered “food poisoning,” but it can be traced to pigeons and sparrows. Salmonella lives in the intestinal tract of animals, including birds, and is usually transmitted to humans through droppings on food. Unfortunately, if droppings are on playsets, front porch railings, or windows of your home, there is a chance that trace amounts can transfer to hands, thus contaminating foods or through touching the mouth.

2. E. Coli

This is a highly common bacteria found in droppings that typically can contaminate via food or drink supply. This bacteria contamination is of main concern on raw vegetables or fruits, so it is important to clean your produce before eating. As with other bacteria transferred through bird droppings, the problem is that it can get onto little hands, fingers, and clothes and move into mouths.

3. Candidiasis

Yeast or fungal infections can be caused by pigeon droppings and can affect the skin, mouth, respiratory system, intestines, and urogenital tract. Candidiasis is an infection that involves the overgrowth or overproduction of yeast in the mucous membranes of the body.

4. Histoplasmosis

This is caused by infection from inhaled mold spores that grow from bird and bat droppings, often via air duct contamination from birds nesting or excrement in airways. It can cause respiratory distress, lung disease, or serious respiratory issues.

Cute Bat
They may be cute, but their droppings could be dangerous...

How Can No Bugs Help?

With bird and bat prevention techniques and humane products, No Bugs Termite and Pest Control can help keep your family safe while not harming the animals. We know that there are true dangers to birds (and bird mites) and bats making your home their own, but they also have a place in the world alongside humans. Our goal is to make your home’s eaves, attic spaces, air ducts, and other areas less appealing to birds and bats so that they find shelter elsewhere.

To learn more about bird and bat treatment options, contact the Santa Clarita bird and bat specialists at No Bugs Termite and Pest Control. Call our team today!