Prep for Spring Insects

3 Tips to Prepare for Spring Insects in Santa Clarita

Protect Your Home or Business from a Spring Infestation

Spring in Southern California is something to celebrate. But as the weather gets warmer, you’re not the only one who will be enjoying the sun and spending more time outside. Insects are out in full force, and if you don’t prepare, they just might try and soak up the sun all over your property.

Now is the time to get ready for spring insects at your SCV home – and with the right preparation, your house and yard could be mostly bug-free all year long.

Why Do Insects Come Out in Spring?

Insects have evolved to survive inhospitable temperatures and inclement weather conditions. During winter, some insects migrate to warmer areas while others enter a state of dormancy known as diapause, which is a means of overwintering.

Diapause is not to be confused with hibernation, even if the terminologies seem similar at first glance. When a warm-blooded mammal enters hibernation, its body temperature drops close to freezing. Alternatively, cold-blooded insects will temporarily suspend their activities, growth, and development.

During winter, bugs hide:

  • In soil
  • Under rock and fallen leaves
  • Inside trees and logs
  • In plants
  • Your home!

That’s right! This is one reason why you encounter sluggish bugs inside areas of your house in winter.

Spring is accompanied by warm weather, blossoming flowers, and a slew of bugs that have just woken up from their winter staycation. And they are thirsty and hungry!

Spring Aphids

What Kind of Bugs Come Out in Spring?

Santa Clarita springs can be hot, cool, windy, rainy and everything in between – a perfectly varied climate that is great for insects that hide in moist crevices and enjoy feasting on organic matter.

You’re likely to find the following insects and more scuttling in or around your SCV property this spring:

No one likes combatting ant trails in the kitchen or finding a big black widow under a patio chair. But what can you do about it?

Springtime in SCV doesn’t have to mean dealing with bugs inside and outside your home. With simple household maintenance and leading pest control services, you can get rid of bugs and keep them away.

Prevent infestations and get control of your yard with these 3 tips! And don’t forget to check out Spring Cleaning 3 Pest Hot Spots in Your SCV Home, 10 Tips to Pest Proof Your Pantry, and 10 Tips to Keep Wild Animals Off Your Property.

We can live safely forever
Call No Bugs before these freeloaders become a problem!

3 Important Tips to Keep Spring Insects Out of Your Home

1. Remove Food & Water Options

Hey, bugs need to eat and drink, too! If you want to make sure they don’t make a home in or near YOUR property, be sure to get rid of any possible food and water sources. Don’t let standing water accumulate – clean up leaks and spills right away and be sure to empty your pet’s food and water bowl before you go to bed. Be sure to also regularly remove garbage from your home and store food securely.

Clean Up Puppy Food

2. Fix Possible Hiding Spots & Entry Points

Bugs live outside and, despite popular misconceptions, actually prefer staying outside. Some species may enter your home looking for food, but others sneak inside, get lost, and make the best out of a bad situation.

This spring, set aside some time to clean around the house, clear gutters, and close off any possible pest entry points leading into your home. This is a chance to get some household repairs done and prevent bugs at the same time – win-win! 

Check your home for any cracks, holes in window screens, or gaps in outside doors. It’s much better to keep insects out of your home entirely than to have to exterminate them after they’ve taken over!

Fixing screens
Cleaning gutters

3. Consider Year-Round Pest Control – Call No Bugs!

If you’re already noticing bugs around your home or business, then you may want to consider a more proactive approach to pest management. Sadly, bugs can attract other pests, including birds, bats, rodents, and snakes, so it’s best to keep your property as bug-free as possible.

Insect repellants, OTC pesticides, and DIY options can work on a small scale, but they won’t fix underlying problems, resolve entry points, or target the many bugs breeding in cracks and crevices. And in some cases, these options are not just harmful to bugs, but also hazardous for your family, pets, and the environment.

If you want a safer, more organic, and highly effective method to keep bugs and rodents off your property, call the pest control experts at No Bugs Termite and Pest Control Inc today. We’re the best local pest control company in Santa Clarita for offering excellent customer service, same day treatments, all-inclusive treatment plans, and products that use more essential oils fewer synthetic pesticides to combat bugs and create a protective barrier.

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