Clean House, Clear Mind for the New Year

Spend a Few Days Cleaning and Start the Year Off Right!

Start the new year fresh by doing some cleaning before the ball drops. Prepare for new items that come with the holidays, make room for the blessings that are to come and give back to your community by donating unused items. Use our checklist below for a full house clean that you will be proud to show off for your holiday parties. 

  1. Make a schedule. Set up dates to get cleaning done and be sure to set aside time based on each room. Consider scheduling one day for each room. 
  2. Tackle one room or space at a time and plan for what your goal is for that day. 
  3. Clear out clutter and let go of extra clothes, extra toys, books, magazines, or other items that are taking up space but that are not items that you actively engage with. 
  4. Take time to clean out your bathroom and kitchen cupboards, cabinets, refrigerator and anywhere you have food or products stored. Throw away expired food and products, wipe down drawers and shelves, and donate any canned or sealed food that you cannot use but that someone else may be able to eat. 
  5. Once your rooms are de-cluttered and anything you can get rid of is gone, dust your furniture, vacuum and clean floors, windows and check ceiling joints for cobwebs. 
  6. Change air filters, clean dust from ceiling fans, and be sure to clean window screens so that not only surfaces are clean but also the air you are breathing. 
  7. Move the cleaning outside; shake out door mats, clear out flower beds and pots of debris and weeds, spray down or wash outside walls and doors, patio surfaces and decking. 
  8. Take inventory of the contents of your purse, backpack or briefcase. Remember that lighter bags are better for your back, shoulders and posture. 
  9. Wash, replace, or deep clean your linens and bedding. This would include shower curtains, drapes, and any washable or dry-clean friendly linens that could use a good cleaning. 
  10. Replace brooms, mops or other cleaning supplies so that you are prepared for spring cleaning!

Clean Home, Clear Mind

Your space will reflect how you feel inside, so by cleaning the space, you can energetically and mentally clean house. Take your time, clean one area at a time, and notice the difference you feel when you are done. Not only will your home be free of dust and germs, but you will also feel a sense of calm and accomplishment when you are done. 

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