What Damage Can Termites Do to Your Santa Clarita Home?

Recognize & Prevent the Signs of Termite Damage

Termites cause more damage to homes and wood structures each year than fires, floods, and tornadoes combined. They can rip through a home’s structure before you even realize they are there. Not only do they attack from the outside, but they can also make their way into a home via a new piece of furniture or from the ground below. But how can you tell if you have termites?

The No Bugs team aims to help you be more aware of the risks of termite infestation in your Santa Clarita home so that you can act fast if you think you have an infestation. Don’t risk severe damage to your home by waiting to “see if they go away.”  

Contact the Santa Clarita termite experts at No Bugs to schedule a termite inspection and discuss the next steps.  

Areas of Concern for Termite Damage

Termites are not just an “outside” bug. They can attack from underneath your home, from within through furniture, and inside of your walls. They are truly the stealthy home destroyer, but there are ways to protect yourself. Read on to learn about the different areas of your property that termites can destroy.

    • Structural damage. Subterranean termites can damage homes from below, targeting foundation walls and crawl space structures. These termites need to be near moisture to survive, so they tend to start from the bottom-up. This damage is more difficult to repair than anything above ground, so it is often more expensive. 


    • Hidden structural wood damage. Termites can damage the wood framing inside walls, in the attic, and under the house.  


    • Trim and facia damage. Termites can target wood that you can see, causing ripples or a dry-rot appearance. This includes facia, outdoor trim, window sills and frames, door frames and other non-structural wood. 


    • Patio and external structural damage. This damage includes patio covers and posts, gazebos, and other outside wooden structures. 


  • Furniture damage. Termites are not just attacking homes, they will eat any kind of wood including couch frames, bookshelves, antiques, etc. Termites that do this kind of damage are often dry wood termites that do not need a moisture source to survive. 

Need a Termite Inspection?

If you are buying a new home, live in an older home, or are just worried about seeing signs of termites, it pays to have a termite inspection. Don’t risk termites going unnoticed as they make their way through your home’s structure. Stay informed, watch for swarms and other signs of termite presence, and contact your local pest control if you have a question. The team at No Bugs wants you to feel secure in your home, and termite damage can make anyone feel unsure. We are here for all of your pest control needs. 

Contact our team to discuss how we can keep your home safe from termites and other pests.