Pharaoh Ant Control

4 Tips to Keep Pharaoh Ants Away from Your Home

What Are Pharaoh Ants & Are They Harmful to Humans?

Picture this: You’re relaxing in your cozy home, scrolling social media on your phone, when suddenly you notice a line of tiny reddish-yellow ants marching across the floor. Chances are, these could be pharaoh ants. This species is notorious for being an indoor nuisance for Santa Clarita residents. While they may not be dangerous in and of themselves, they are known to spread pathogens, including salmonella and streptococcus. And if that wasn’t bad enough, they may also carry the clostridium bacteria, a cause of botulism.

If you’ve ever had an ant problem in your home, you know how frustrating it can be. Don’t let these pests invade your home and put your family at risk! Contact the Santa Clarita ant control specialists at No Bugs Termite and Pest Control Inc. by calling (661) 294-0206.

What Are Pharaoh Ants, Anyway?

Pharaoh Ants are tiny ants that range in color from yellowish to reddish-brown. They’re known for their love of sweets and fatty foods, and they’ll nest just about anywhere, including (but not limited to) sheets of stationary, bed linens, appliances, and piles of trash. These teeny pests are found all over the world, except for the coldest continent, Antarctica.

Are Pharaoh Ants Dangerous?

First off, yes, pharaoh ants can bite. But they are so tiny that you probably don’t need to be overly concerned about being damaged by the bite itself. However, they are known to spread over a dozen serious pathogens, including salmonella and streptococcus, and carry the clostridium bacteria, which results in botulism.

What Attracts Pharaoh Ants &
4 Tips to Keep them Out of Your Home

Pharaoh ants are attracted to sweet and fatty foods, which is why they are commonly found in kitchens and around appliances and piles of trash. Essentially, it’s the general rule of ants: If a scout can find a crumb, the horde will follow.

But keeping pharaoh ants out of your home is important for the safety of you and your family. The good news is that there are several things you can do to prevent these pesky ants from making themselves at home:

1. Keep the Kitchen Clean

Pharaoh ants LOVE kitchens filled with crumbs, old spills, grease, and leftovers. A clean kitchen is one of the most important methods of keeping pharaoh ants out of your home. Another tip is to fix leaks and dry pooling water in sinks to keep a scout’s interest as low as possible, as ants need to keep hydrated. These tips are also helpful for other areas where your family eats, store food, or utilizes water.

2. Remove Unnecessary Food Temptations

Food is a huge factor in any bug infestation, especially when dealing with ants. To increase your chances of keeping pharaoh ants out of your home, your first step should always be to get rid of any food temptations in your kitchen, garage, or bedrooms. Stored food or food in your pantry should be sealed in airtight containers and put away immediately after use.

Barbeques, grills, and smokers are like luxurious resorts to ants. Not only do they contain scraps of food, but they also provide grease, shelter, and at times, even water for them to hydrate themselves. 

3. Store Pet Food Properly

Be sure to keep pet food off the ground and stored properly. Ants love pet food because of all the grease and crumbs. Seal all types of pet food in secure, locked, or sealed containers, and double-check that these containers are closed when not in use.

4. Hire the Santa Clarita Pharaoh Ant Control Experts
at No Bugs!

We’ve discussed how to keep pharaoh ants away, but what should you do if they’ve already infested your home? Pharaoh ants are remarkably resilient to over-the-counter and DIY pesticides, so your best option is to hire a pest control company like No Bugs Termite and Pest Control Inc. We’ve been rated #1 for pest control in SCV for 12 years running, so you know you can trust our Santa Clarita ant control technicians to take care of your bug problems. Contact us today at (661) 294-0206 or by filling out an online contact form to schedule a free consultation and say goodbye to those pesky ants for good!

With our expertise and safe, effective pest control solutions, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home and family are protected. So don’t hesitate to contact our Santa Clarita pharaoh ant specialists at (661) 294-0206 to schedule a treatment today!