Mosquitoes in SCV

Why Are We Seeing So Many Mosquitoes in Santa Clarita?

Seeing More Mosquitoes at Home?

When you’re cooped up inside your Santa Clarita home in the winter dreaming of spending time at the beach, drinking lemonade on the porch, running through the sprinkler in the backyard in the summer, chances are your daydreams aren’t interrupted by annoying mosquitoes. Yet too often, they threaten to ruin our summer fun by crawling all over our picnics, buzzing around our lamps, and – the worst! – biting our arms and legs, leaving us with nasty, itchy bites that can even cause serious infections or disease.

In the past, mosquitoes weren’t much of a problem in Southern California. No humidity meant no mosquitos. But nowadays, mosquitos are just as bad in the Golden State as they are elsewhere in the country. Today, the Santa Clarita mosquito control experts at No Bugs Termite and Pest Control Inc will explain why we’re seeing so many mosquitoes in SCV these days and how you can make sure they stay away from your property.

Why Are We Seeing So Many Mosquitoes in California?

Native mosquitos have always lived in California, but your memory isn’t playing tricks on you – SoCal’s mosquito problem has definitely worsened in recent years. While mosquitoes native to California typically feed on birds and emerge at night, a non-native mosquito that invaded the Golden State around 2011 seems to prefer humans. Known as “ankle-biters,” these black-and-white striped mosquitos typically feed during the daylight hours, biting below waistlines and often multiple times at once.

If you’re seeing a lot of mosquitos where you live, it’s probably because they’ve made a home in your neighborhood, as they like to live in shady yards.

Santa Clarita Mosquito Prevention

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When Is Mosquito Season in SCV?

Fortunately, mosquitoes don’t bug us all year long. Mosquitoes can’t survive in cold temperatures, which means mosquitos aren’t much of a problem in the winter. Even though SCV is relatively year-round, colder nighttime temperatures still affect mosquito life cycles. You’ll likely notice mosquitoes most in May-October when the weather is warmest.

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How to Get Rid of California Mosquitoes

While California as a state is working to control the population, it seems like getting rid of these pests will mostly have to happen on an individual level. These nasty ankle-biting mosquitoes have already succeeded in invading the state, but measures can be taken to make sure they don’t invade your property!

Personal insect repellent can help you prevent bites, and bug zappers can help you kill mosquitoes when you see them.

But if you’re noticing them in your yard (or better yet, want to make sure they never set up shop there in the first place), it’s best to get rid of them altogether with professional pest control.

Tired of Fighting Mosquitoes? Call No Bugs!

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