Santa Clarita Valley's Family Friendly Pest Control

The Pest Control That Smells Good

We approach pest control with a radically different model than our competition.

We believe in utilizing the latest in technology from the treatment of your property, to customer care, to electronic back office technologies, and internet technology. No Bugs uses a revolutionary industry treatment system consisting of a portable backpack rather than a truck mounted sprayer with combination of hoses. Our treatment solutions are designed to use the least amount of chemicals with the lowest impact to your family and pests.

It’s Smarter Pest Control

Mint X+ Smells Good Kills Bugs. When we come out for a service call, you won't have to evacuate your kids and pets from your home, pool, or patio for the day.

Unlike the chemicals that most other companies use, ours is a combination of organic essential oils, including mint and rosemary, along with other EPA-registered man-made products.

No Bugs technicians use specially designed Treatment systems in a specific pattern to control your unwanted pests. 

Our Plans and Pricing

Choose the Plan to Fit Your Needs and Your Budget.

No Bugs offers three different membership plans. The only difference is how often we come out – our pest control treatment process is exactly the same whether we visit once a month or every 3 months to protect your home. And unlike the other guys, we protect against all of the creepy crawlers and rodents at no extra charge.

membership stamp

Our Standard Service Includes Additional Pest

At No Additional Cost To You!

fleas and ticks





American Roaches


rodent baiting
rat trapping
mouse trapping
black widows
yard treatments

Rodent Baiting

Rat Trapping

Mouse Trapping

Stinging Insects:

Black Widows

Yard Treatment

Our Standard Service Includes:

House ant
house spiders
black widows
brown recluse


House Spiders

Black Widows

Brown Recluse

Ear Wigs

sowbug pillbug
carpet beetle
pantry pests moth


Sow Bugs

Spring Tails

Carpet Beetles

Pantry Pests

Is It Safe?

Not everything we come across in our daily lives that is considered organic is completely safe. Our approach to pest control is the safest program in the industry. We relive heavily on natural, organic products that are sometimes made from edible ingredients. Not all plant oils are completely safe. Oleander leaves are deadly toxic to humans much like poison oak and other “organic” plants.

Some synthetic products commonly used are completely benign to humans and pets such as common flea and tick solutions used on dogs. It’s not just what we use, it is also how we use it which makes us the safest approach in the industry. The biggest key to safety of any product you may encounter is exposure. Our treatment systems minimize exposure to your kids and your pets.

What Is Organic?

The term “organic” in regards to pest control, means anything derived directly from nature. Actual plant oils, tree extracts, and minerals are all included. Common ones include rosemary, mint, chrysanthemum, orange, cinnamon, neem, cedar oils and boric acid along with diatomaceous earth.

Green-low impact products are derived from natural products but have been altered to last longer and in some cases be safer to our customers and their pets.

Does It Work?

Organic pest control has always worked throughout the history of the earth. Most plants create their own natural pesticides to ward off attacks from insects. We are just utilizing nature’s pest defense systems and all of our services are guaranteed. While organic products provide excellent control some of them can dissipate quickly. Occasionally synthetic products can be used in start-ups or heavy infestations. Our highly trained award winning technicians are experts at controlling pests while minimizing impact.