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Make the Right Choice with FumePro Termite Concierge Services

  • When cost is the biggest factor, unfortunately, many consumers end up doing nothing to combat the problem. 
  • When method is the factor, consumers have options! 

There are usually 2 barriers that keep people from killing termites: Cost and Method

  • We utilize a rigorous and ongoing verification process to continually ensure that all of the associated termite companies we recommend.
  • We require that all companies in our database offer a 10% discount to FumePro specific customers to be admitted into our database. 
  • FumePro offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee based on the promise that if you are unsatisfied with the work completed by a company in our database, FumePro will require that they fix the issue, refund your payment, or risk being removed from our database.

With FumePro, we can help you find the best
method that fits your needs and your budget. #CDCDC0

FumePro concierge services takes the guesswork out of finding termite services that match your budget and your needs. Our vendors are vetted and undergo an ongoing verification process before they can join our service provider network. This allows us to standardize the quality of termite services that we offer to our customers in Southern California. – #565656

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Why FumePro

We understand the unique needs of consumers faced with termite infestation and the ways in which the traditional termite control system is lacking. We know the importance of having trust in the companies that you hire, because our clients trusted us with their homes all these years. Now it’s time for us to take years of knowledge and put it to use in a new way, offering solutions to the problems that come with a traditional method of termite extermination.

Who We Are

FumePro was founded by a team of termite and pest control service providers who have a combined 70 years of experience in the treatment of termites in California; from Northern California wineries in Napa Valley to the borders of Southern California in San Diego. Our team has thousands of termite jobs under our belt. All of this experience, and years of personal homeownership, allows us to see both sides of the termite-killing coin. 


Our team leaders have homes, families, and children. What does this mean? We know what homeowners need and want from termite service providers. We know what your concerns are because they are the same as our own. We also understand that owning a home is expensive and an unexpected cost like termite tenting can be stressful. We want to put your fears and stresses to rest by offering a comprehensive solution to the termite problems you face. We rest easy when our clients rest easy.

FumePro Customers Save 30-50% On Select Termite Treatments !

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