Bring Nature Indoors: Fall Crafts for Kids

Think back to the arts and crafts of years ago, before there were computers, tablets, and fancy crafting kids. Help your children find that nostalgic way of life by bringing items in from outside and creating fun crafts using natural inspiration. Sometimes the best memories are made doing simple activities, that require imagination and thought instead of an online program and an expensive purchase. 

5 Nature Inspired Crafts 

Celebrate the changing of the seasons and try one of these crafts with your kids:

  1. Gather sticks and leaves and create 3D art using glue, scissors, and the things you find. Consider making structures out of four sticks and a leaf, or a teepee with three sticks. Let your kids experiment and use trial and error to create a world of their own. 
  2. Bring rocks in from a hike or a beach trip. Children can paint them, glue them together, or coat them in a clear coat for a permanent wet look. Consider collecting pebbles or a stone from each vacation you take over the years and collecting them in a mason jar. 
  3. Use pine needles to paint pictures, incorporating “stamps” made from whatever items you choose. You can also incorporate stamps made from potatoes, carrots, and other veggies you have at home. 
  4. Create a mobile using small acorns, feathers, leaves, and other natural materials. Tie with twine or fishing line. Hang the mobile in your children’s room until the season changes.
  5. Make a “fairy” headdress or crown using flowers and reeds, or with feathers and gems of your child’s choosing. If you are unsure how to make the base, store-bought natural material crowns can serve as a starting point where your child can place flowers and leaves. 

Make Memories that Last This Fall

As your children make crafts and step away from their electronic devices, remember to take photos. They will last much longer (and take up less space) than if you were to try to keep the art pieces themselves. Document the processes, the looks on your kid’s faces, and their finished projects.  It will make them proud that you wanted to remember it forever. Crafting may seem messy and time-consuming, but there will come a time when your kids are past the age of making leaf art. Enjoy it while it lasts. 

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