Bed Bug Pest Control Services

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Bed Bug Pest Control Services

Call No Bugs to schedule your inspection and discuss your treatment options.

Bedbugs are small, oval, brownish insects that live on the blood of animals or humans. Adult bedbugs have flat bodies about the size of an apple seed. After feeding, however, their bodies swell and are a reddish color.

Bedbugs do not fly, but they can move quickly over floors, walls, and ceilings. Female bedbugs may lay hundreds of eggs, each of which is about the size of a speck of dust, over a lifetime.

Immature bedbugs, called nymphs, shed their skins five times before reaching maturity and require a meal of blood before each shedding. Under favorable conditions the bugs can develop fully in as little as a month and produce three or more generations per year.

Signs of Infestation

If you wake up with itchy areas you didn’t have when you went to sleep, you may have bedbugs, particularly if you got a used bed or other used furniture around the time the bites started.

Other signs that you have bedbugs include:

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[list_item icon=”fa-check”]Blood stains on your sheets or pillowcases[/list_item]
[list_item icon=”fa-check”]Dark or rusty spots of bedbug excrement on sheets and mattresses, bed clothes, and walls[/list_item]
[list_item icon=”fa-check”]Bedbug fecal spots, egg shells, or shed skins in areas where bedbugs hide[/list_item]
[list_item icon=”fa-check”]An offensive, musty odor from the bugs’ scent glands[/list_item]

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