8 Ways to Keep a Passion Project Alive

In a society that places a premium on productivity over happiness, it is not uncommon for passions to quickly turn into work. Companies capitalize on taking what you love and turning it into a profit based on how much, how fast, and how cheaply you can turn that passion into dollars. Protect your passion, the energy that fuels it, and the enjoyment of it by following some basic guidelines and tips. 

  1. Avoid Burnout. We must remember that we are not robots. We are not designed to give 100% of peak energy to a project or idea, 100% of the time. In order to give our best to anything, we need to rest and recharge. 
  2. Engage with Others. Find a friend group, a mastermind group, or other community that is based on similar passions. Apps and online communities like Meet Up, Facebook, and Reddit are great places to find like-minded people who can answer questions and encourage you. 
  3. Set Goals. Small goals and milestones leading up to a bigger goal allow you to see your project or passion as more attainable while giving you something to work toward. Use a planner, online tracker, or app to keep a record of your forward progress and to mark milestones. 
  4. Start Where You Are. You do not have to master something before you claim it as a passion. Begin right where you are and build on what you know and have. Remember, baby steps are still steps in the right direction. 
  5. Celebrate. Give yourself encouragement and recognition that is deserved. When you hit milestones, celebrate with small awards that can build and benefit the big goals. 
  6. Check Your Circle. Make sure to protect your passion by periodically checking in with your circle of friends. Be honest with yourself and if needed, eliminate or lessen the interaction with people who are not positive, encouraging, and believe in you. 
  7. Take Breaks. Step away from your project from time to time and shift your focus. Take brain-breaks and physical breaks so that you can return with renewed energy and clarity. 
  8. Be Present. When you are working on your project or getting into the creative mindset, be present. Set aside time to focus 100% of your energy on your passion. Put away your cell phone, turn off the television, and allow yourself to fully immerse in what is in front of you. 

Take the Power Back: Your Passion Is Worth It

Whether you are working on your passion project full time or are pursuing your dreams after a regular workday, it is the dedication that matters. There is a saying, “You are not tired, you are just unmotivated.” If you don’t feed your passions, they will eventually die. Find what motivates you and give it your attention every day. Give your passion as much time as you have available, no matter how small that piece of time is. You are worth it!