5 Podcasts Worth Listening To

As we navigate through the first month of the new year, many of us are evaluating our goals and lives and looking outside ourselves for guidance. Whether you are looking to improve your health or just learn more about life, podcasts allow us to listen and learn while doing our normal daily tasks. The 5 podcasts listen below cover many of the subjects that we consider part of the human condition while also highlighting the society as we know it today. Our world is ever-changing, but tried and true advice lives well beyond its time.

Podcasts Worth Listening To

Listen, Think and Enjoy 5 Podcasts for 2020

  1. Life Kit (NPR) A well-rounded pool of podcasts featuring expert advice to help with the human condition. This podcast channel covers all things human, from sleep to diet to art to mental health to reading. With different voices, different experts, and different styles, these podcasts are great for variety and chock-full of information that everyone can get into. 
  2. The Art of Charm (Johnny & AJ) Life coaches Johnny and AJ, based in Los Angeles, walk listeners through a myriad of issues surrounding success in life and business including networking and goal setting. These two host interviews and share their own time-tested advice on how to be a better human, better spouse, employee, coworker and business owner. 
  3. The Ed Mylett Show (Ed Mylett) Life insights, inspiration, encouragement, and information abound in this podcast, hosted by millionaire business owner and life coach, Ed Mylett. Mylett hosts interviews and shares his own life experience and offers valuable advice for goals, living beyond your story and how to succeed in any area of life. Many of his guests have overcome great obstacles and offer help for those who feel lost, bullied or hopeless. 
  4. The Model Health Show (Shawn Stevenson) Author and nutritionist, Shawn Stevenson, hosts this podcast for all things health and fitness. Weight loss, chronic health issues or pain, exercise, sex, sleep, and hormones are some of the topics covered in this podcast. Stevenson discusses and breaks down complex health issues and explains them in easy to understand terms. If your goal is to live your best life, feeling the best you can, this is a must-hear. 
  5. Stuff Mom Never Told You (Anney & Samantha) This podcast is based on identifying as female and everything it entails, from influencer culture to dieting to labeling to Harry Potter. Anney and Samantha host a research-based conversation about feminism and how it impacts everyday life and choices as women. 

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Do you have a favorite podcast that you think others would enjoy? Share your favorites with us! It often takes word of mouth to learn about a new podcast or book that could change your life. If you know of a podcast that should be on our list, share it with us in the comments.