10 Ways to Cut Heating Costs This Winter

Home Improvements and Bill Cutting Tips for Winter Savings

Whether you are trying to make changes at home to better insulate, or want to avoid astronomical heating bills, tips and tricks to save on heating are always helpful. From better protecting your home to cutting back on the energy you use, there are many ways to cut your heating bills. Not that saving money is the only benefit; staying warm in the winter months is just as important!

10 Heat Saving Tips for Winter Months

Try the tips and tricks below to save money and energy while preserving heat. 

  1. Reduce drafts by installing weather stripping or door sweeps on doors and windows, while also checking for cracks or gaps in areas around outlets, windows, chimneys, doors, pipes and any other connections between the exterior and interior of your home. 
  2. Turn down the water heater by 20 degrees to save up to 10%, and the thermostat by 1-2% to save on costs, as well. You can also cut back on energy bills by not using the heat during peak hours. Heat the home during off peak hours and trap the heat during the day to save on energy costs. 
  3. Make sure your chimney damper is closed when not in use. This prevents drafts and prevents warm air for escaping. 
  4. Utilize window treatments to your advantage. If you cannot afford to replace single pane windows with insulated, double-pane ones, use heavy draperies to help insulate the home. Keep heavy drapes drawn to prevent drafts from penetrating the home and to keep warmth in. If it is an option for you, you can also install shrink wrap or window film to the inside of windows for an extra layer of insulation. 
  5. Be sure to seal baseboards or exterior wall backing flooring or moulding. Any joints or cracks that could let heat escape or cool air in should be covered. If you cannot modify your home due to renting (as opposed to owning) you can use blankets or rugs to help seal off areas where drafts enter.
  6. Use large, thick area rugs to help keep feet warm and flooring from causing a chill. 
  7. Keep blankets handy and use them. Rather than heating your whole home, heat your body with blankets and warm clothes. 
  8. Drink hot tea, hot chocolate, or any warm drink to raise your body temperature if you are having trouble staying warm.
  9. Wear socks and a warm hat to keep your body warm during cold weather, as these are the two ways we lose the most warmth. 
  10. Take advantage of heat that you are using anyways. When cooking, don’t use the vent and let the heat and steam warm the kitchen and surrounding rooms. When you shower, leave the fan off and and keep the bathroom door cracked, to let heat escape and warm other rooms. 

Stay Warm and Spend Less

Save money on heating costs from this point forward, and feel warm and cozy about saving energy while you’re at it. Take our tips and run with them, or share some of your own! No matter what you do this season, saving energy is always in style, so make this list your jump-off point and enjoy the winter months.