10 Fall Fun Ideas for Your Family

Let the Changing Weather Be Your Guide

There is so much to do as the weather changes, summer break comes to an end, and school begins again. The new school year is a fresh start for kids and a chance for a new routine and new traditions. Carve out some time for your family to create memories that will last a lifetime, and try one of the suggestions below. 

  1. Put your oven to work! As temps cool off, why not create a hot treat for the family to enjoy. Spend time in the kitchen together baking your favorite pie, and enjoy the spoils of your labor with ice cream or whipped cream, maybe even take the tasty treats outside to eat under the open sky.
  2. Carve a pumpkin. You don’t have to celebrate Halloween to enjoy some family pumpkin carving. Carve out leaves, a beautiful willow tree or a jack-o-lantern face and place a candle inside. Bake the seeds for a taste treat and added bonus. 
  3. Collect and press the leaves that fall. Make raking the leaves an all-hands-on-deck experience and turn it into a game. Look for the leaves that are in good condition and set them aside for later. Make a beautiful fall collage using pressed leaves and collected mementos from around your neighborhood. 
  4. Attend a local ball game and do some tailgating with your friends and family. 
  5. Watch scary movies with your family while eating popcorn, drinking hot cocoa and sharing a warm blanket. Even better, create an outdoor theatre with a projector, and invite your friends over to watch a movie with you!
  6. Enjoy the cooler weather by going on a winery tour, traveling through a local nature preserve, or doing a trail clean up. 
  7. Turn pinecones into bird feeders using seeds and an edible adhesive (find recipes online). Or build a birdhouse and use pinecones to decorate it!
  8. Attend a local fall festival, supporting a local school while enjoying time playing games and riding rides with your family.
  9. Take holiday photos, including funny face photos, and involve pets and your favorite fall items. Turn it into a fun adventure by selecting an interesting backdrop and fun photographer. 
  10. Visit a haunted house or haunted hayride in your area and join in the spooky fun that takes place as the skies get darker earlier. 

Don’t Wait, The Time to Make Memories Is Now!

Fall weather, the changing of the leaves, and the start of the school year signify a transition. Year after year, we can expect these times to come… yet they fly by so fast. In the blink of an eye, children grow and are getting ready for college. It is so important to spend quality time together while you can. Don’t wait for tomorrow, it will be gone before you know it. Make memories today!