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It was simple and easy! Tyler was pressure just the facts! I would highly reccomend No Bugs.
- Jone Cummings

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May 2012
Nobugs launches new website to serve the Santa Clarita Valley and surrounding areas better.

January 2012
New account management features added to our online website to assist our customers with better reporting and account management.

BBB A+ rated

  • A safer approach to controlling
    the bugs that bug you...
    such as ants, and spiders as well as other insects.


    Make the switch today and for 24 months pay no extra for:
    Rats - Mice - Termites - Gophers - Bees
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  • Why use harsh pesticides if natural products work better?

    No More Leaving The House For Hours

    No Boarding Up The Cats & Dogs

    No Bad-Smelly Pesticides

  • “A+” Pest Control with the BBB...

    BBB A+ rated

    It’s Pestcontrol the way it should be...

  • Our Pest Control Service is the most affordable pest control service in the Santa Clarita Valley.

    With 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Green Organic Pest Control Advantages

Learn about the advantages of using green pest control solutions in and around your home.


Organic Treatment Plus
Find out more about our complete organic treatment solution.


EcoSense Treatment Systems

No Bugs affordable pest control safe for your family and pets.


No Bugs Valencia Pest Control Advantage
See what sets No Bugs aside from the competition... It's more than just offering organic solutions.

Families make the switch to No Bugs from their current pest control company because they’ve discovered something... that you REALLY CAN have 100% effective pest control without all the harsh chemicals!

Our Eco Sense Treatment System is the most affordable pest control service in the Santa Clarita Valley with 100% satisfaction guaranteed! Your bugs will be gone or we come back for free...!